Time to say goodbye to the coffee world

Well, if you didn’t already figure it out.  I have to C O N C E N T R A T E on some things that makes it so that I can’t be focused as I would prefer on the “Bean Chaser Blog.”

I appreciate friends like Jason Dominy, Jim Hoffman and crew, Mark Prince, Dan at HB, Chemically Imbalanced, Tonx, Shannon Hudgens, Kevin & Regina @ Crema Roasters,  Geoff Corey, Scott Conary, and I will even thank Nick Cho, and I can’t leave out the team at Octane and by name Tony.  The home roasting ability of George Holt.  Finally, I thank, the professional roasting of Intelligensia Roasters and Counter Culture Coffee.

There is no certian order to that list.  Some listed had a HUGE impact on my life and I will be forever thankful.  And there is some there that taught me a huge lesson on what not to do (I mean that good and bad).  I will have forgotten some, I guess.  It’s is unavoidable.  Some people I have there faces in my head and I can’t remember their names.

If I hadn’t found Mark Prince in a Google search for “French Press” this would have never been started and I hadn’t have ever messaged Tonx, I would have never found Hudge, and thus, I would have never had my first INCREDIBLE shot of espresso (single origin, mind you).  If I hadn’t found Hudge I wouldn’t have this massive two group Faema in my kitchen, which in the words of my brother-in-law “is the first and last thing you see in that house.”

Kevin let me pull my first shot of espresso on his La Marzocco FB/80 and Regina puts up with me when I go.  Your roaster and your coffee flat out amazes me.

Scott Conary blew my mind and opened it up to some interesting concepts.  He and I cupped coffee in his shop and showed me why we do this thing called cupping: because things will suprise you and bend your grasp of reality.

Geoff Corey saved me $200,000 and my reputation.

Dan and Mark, you have given the world of coffee lovers “information at their fingertips.”  We all owe you guys a debt of gratitude.

Jim Hoffman.  You are the man.  I followed your journey the past two years and you made me a beliver that a “Regular Joe” can do anything.  Your a hero of mine on a couple different levels.  I really enjoy your coffee and I will buy more.  

Chemically Imbalanced: A fellow blogger and a dang good comedian.  You have kept me interested in odd ways.

Jason Dominy is a good man.  A Christian and a fantastic barista, artisan and coffee fantatic.  JD, you have much more to teach me and I am listening.

Octane Crew: Tony and the gang has made ATL worth driving to, ’nuff said there.

Nick Cho: Look, I drove four and half hours to your store and then summarily loaded up and drove back home.  I liked it.  I listened to all your podcast.  I liked most of it and it taught me some important lessons: good and bad.

To George Holt:  You changed my Wife’s perception of what coffee is and shouldn’t be.  You have literally changed our lives.  Jason, Chad and myself talk about you and that batch of Ethiopian all the time.  I can say the single word “Biloya”  to my wife and she will smile and her face will light up.

To Intelligenstia Coffee: You were my first experience with specialty coffee after a bunch of reading on Coffee Geek.  I still order here and there and I am always impressed.  I guess you could say “Intelligenstia hooked me.”

Counter Culture Coffee: How shall I count the ways?  I find it amazing that I live within a 90 minute drive of one of the greatest roasters on the planet.  I appreciate your coffee immensley.  The Espresso Toscano is a real mind blower.  It is the wife’s favorite and mine too.  Everything that comes through my Mazzer grinder is judged on the standard of Toscano.  We both appreciate the barista training we received.  And Peter G, thanks for that kind note you dropped in one of my shipments.  That is special to us.  This industry needs people like Peter G and Geoff Watts.

Last, but not least, Shannon Hudgens.  Again, thanks for the two Faema two groups.  But, more than that, thanks for the time we spent talking about this little bean we call coffee.  Thanks for making me almost want to throw up after taking 200 shots of espresso and SERBC practicing.  Thanks for allowing Gary and I to go nuts from 12:01 to 12:59 for days on end.  Shannon, you are my hero.  Your living your dream!

I guess  the title is a bit decieving.  I don’t intend on saying goodbye to coffee.  But, this blog needs an end.  So, Goodbye everybody.


2 responses to “Time to say goodbye to the coffee world

  1. Kudos to your ability to focus on what matters when it counts.

    Coffee will miss you. Go concentrate.

  2. cool. keep drinking.

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