Shadrach, Meshach and Abeantogo Coffee

So, I was in Goodrich, MI visiting some friends (almost family) and knowing I love coffee, they started to tell me the story of a new company right there in little Goodrich.  “Shadrach, Meshach and Abeantogo”, and I think the basic name of the company is Abeantogo Coffee.

We made the two mile trip into town and it shared a garage type store front space, garage door and all, right beside a welding shop.  We pulled up right in front of the open garage door and I was suprised at the inside of the retail space.  It was a nice shop.  Nice ambiance and the real surprise was a “pour over” stand where the owner’s father proceeded to make me some fresh roasted Ethiopian Yirg (I think that is what I ordered).

I asked if I could take some pictures of his facility and because his Son, the owner, wasn’t in at the time he declined.  Which I just thought was strange to say the least.  He really had a nice place.  But, then I noticed there was not an espresso machine on site.  Just a roaster, a pour over station, and a grinding station.  You could choose between a pour over method or a french press.  I like the concept, but the coffee is another story.

The beans are dark, dark roasted.  Not quite as dark as $B, but close.  If you know anything about Third Wave style of roasted coffee, you know this isn’t going to get good.  I purchased a pound of Peaberry Tanzanian to take home to the Kitchen Aid Proline grinder and I have used a press pot and a vacpot and I have used several different grind settings.  When  the coffee was only five or six days old, there was some flavor left, but after that, not so much.  The dark roast has just pulled the flavor right out of the bean, which is sad.  I had high hopes.

According to the propieter’s father, the owner is trying to sell the beans “nationwide.”  Travelling to different conferences and trade shows.  I asked if they were a member of the SCAA and he had never heard of the SCAA.  Again, I think that is sad, as well.  I don’t know the owners history with coffee, but I don’t see how you can get educated in roasting coffee without working with the SCAA at some level, especially at the micro-roasting level.  But, then again, if he is going after a nationwide market, he has to have beans that can take the shelf life of months and months and only a dark roast can do that.  SO, you sacrifice the quality for the shelf life.  Also, a dissapointment was the amount of “flavored coffee.”  Everything he had was available in “flavors.”  Hazelnut, vanilla…blah, blah, blah.  That is fine if your trying to reach the largest audience that you can, but again, it is very Second Wave.

If your the owner and you run across this, don’t be offended.  If your making tons of money selling your product in Texas, Flordia and the nether reaches of the USA that is fantastic.  But, it has come at a price and the price is quality.  Most people, including my friends there locally, who think the coffee is fantastic, have only been exposed to Starbucks, Caribu and Folgers.


4 responses to “Shadrach, Meshach and Abeantogo Coffee

  1. I am the owner of the establishment you speak of (Shadrach, Meshach & ABeanToGo Inc.) I invite you to revisit us so that I can answer some questions for you. I am familiar with the SCAA and we were members for a couple years and I have been able to grow my business on the great taste of our products and was dissapointed to find out you did not like the product quality or freshness of our coffee. To speak of our coffee as a dark roast was definately not accurate. Another thing that I am not quite sure you are aware of, but where else can you go and have a variety of 10-15 different coffee’s to choose from? That is correct-no where. Come back in and introduce yourself to me and we can enjoy a cup together.

    • Next time I am up there I will introduce myself. I will probably be up there in the late summer or early fall. I hope your not offended. I call it like I see it.


  2. We are pretty stuck on our Italian Roast/press pot at home, but had a packaged Guatemala from this place this AM (part of a gift pack) after having a fresh cup of the same as we left our daughters’ house for a long late night drive. Great aroma, body and taste. Definitely looking into getting more from this vendor.

  3. I had a friend who visited ABeantoGo and told me about it and since I am a true coffee geek at heart I could not wait to go. About two weeks later I made a drive out to the location and made sure it was not at a peak time. I was welcomed by the lady of the house and she was very friendly but could not answer what I was asking and kept saying “that is his deal”. A few minutes later a couple other people came in at which time the owner got up from his desk and personally prepared their coffees and joked with them. When they left I prepared myself to ask him some questions. I noticed he was going back to his office I asked about the destoner next to the roaster. He never even turned around and just answered over his shoulder and continued back to his office. I left depressed and angry that I had even purchased a bag of his beans.
    Yes,,, the coffee was good (I have had better, I have had worse), but there is more to a good business then just good coffee.
    p.s. There are 2 roasters I know of within 30 minutes that serves as many varieties. You may have to ask, but they are there.

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