Running into Helios Cafe in Raliegh and end up meeting important peeps!

rich_futrell_s Hmmm, I quickly with a rush blow into Helios Cafe in Raleigh to grab some Counter Culture whole bean for the press and some espresso to tide us over until the Square Mile comes in and “lo and behold” Rich Futrell is sitting there getting wired up on espresso Aficionado.

I had never met Rich, but dude was there and with the very limited time we had we were able to talk shop!! I wish I had much more time, but I had my sister’s family and mine in the Excursion waiting!

Good to meet you Rich and I hope we can run into each other again very soon!

While I was there I got a pound of Counter Culture’s Espresso Aficionado, Ada’s Finca Mauritania, & Kenya Kangocho (a personal CCC fav).

Can’t wait until the morning when I can get into this stuff.


2 responses to “Running into Helios Cafe in Raliegh and end up meeting important peeps!

  1. Nice to meet you too, Wilson. The last couple of bags of Grand Reserve are at A Southern Season in Chapel Hill. Give them a call if you are interestred!

  2. Hey Rich, sorry it took so long to approve the message. I went up to NYC and approving comments on the phone is a horrid process, at best.
    Southern Season? Never heard of them, I will have to give them a visit! Thanks for the tip.
    I may go up to Helios just to grab a couple bags of spro two fill in the gap for me later today. Hope to see you soon!

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