Sumatra Blue Batak

Kevin at Crema Coffee Roasters called me the other day and told me that I just “had to have” some of his latest find:  The Sumatra Blue Batak ($15.50 lb).  I have never been a fan of Sumatra or any other South East Asia coffees for a few reasons, but Kevin seems to be able to find real jewels and this one qualifies.

It has strong berry notes, black and blue berries.  It is smooth with a mild acidity.   Nutty aftertaste seems to be the best descriptor.  This coffee deserves a look!


5 responses to “Sumatra Blue Batak

  1. Carole Hemingway

    The best coffee I ever tasted; just like the mystery everyone wants to solve but in the meantime taste is everything. Bought some in
    Whole Foods in S. Portland, Maine yesterday
    and can’t stop raving on and on about it and telling friends, “you have to buy this.”

  2. Whole Foods has Blue Batak coffee? Really? Who roast it? Does it have a roast date?


  3. Love Blue Batak.

    I used to work at WF and they write the roast date on the bin they put it in on the same day it’s roasted without letting it age or encouraging people to age it themselves before consumption. I also never saw them clean the bins out, although maybe they do now ’cause I was in 2 weeks ago and the air roasting chamber was no longer all black.

  4. Just brewed some Blue Batak this morning for the first time from Peet’s coffee with a roast date on it of January 28th, 2009. I have to say one of the best coffees I’ve ever had. I’m very impressed with Peet’s.

  5. batak coffees is a good taste coffee..
    i am a batak boy

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