Ethiopia Yirgacheffe DP Biloya Spec. Selection

A friend, who will remain anomalous unless he tells me other wise, sent me a half pound of the most amazing coffee I have ever seen or tasted in my life. That is a strong, strong statement. But, let me give you some history on the beans.

About two weeks ago I received an e-mail from my friend saying that a coop he was a member of purchased the beans and just a days before our e-mail exchange these beans were on the tree in Ethiopia. They had them picked and processed and then nitrogen sealed and FEDEX’d from Ethiopia to the States. You didn’t just mis-read that last sentence. FEDEX was the carrier because usually the beans sit on a dock for two to four weeks waiting on a ship to take them on the journey of six to eight weeks. So, instead of waiting up to 10 weeks for the beans, we received them literally a few days from the time they were picked.

Let me ask you this, who else in the United States, Australia, Europe or Asia has any coffee selection this fresh? Nobody. I feel very, very special to have been a part of this purchase. And a very special thanks goes to my good friend for including me. He actually sent me the beans “home roasted” and also sent me some Bolivian beans that were green just to get em started on the roasting.

This coffee was extravagant. First off, I was thinking to myself “Yeah, all that hype about the origin, selection, and shipment and watch these beans be just like anything else from Yirgacheffe.” Which would have been fine with me because I personally think that the very best beans come from Ethiopia and more specifically Yirgacheffe. But, this wasn’t the case, at all. The third day after roasting I made a press pot at 06:00 and the wife and I were well pleased. I could taste florals, blueberry, tobacco, and about twenty different things, but a hint of honey, as well. We were very impressed. But, at 19:30 that evening we opened the sealed bag up for another try and it came out like golden honey. It looked like honey and tasted like honey. My wife just couldn’t believe it was the same variety. We were both simply floored. As it cooled, the florals and blueberries started to come forth, but never overpowered the honey. It truly was an amazing cup.


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