“Making a run on” the in season from Intelly

Last week we ordered from Intelligentsia via their “in season” site.  I love this site, as it keeps even the most elementary student of coffee informed of what is in season AND the best information on brew temps and such.

We purchased a bag of their Itzamna, Guatemala and evidently people have made a “run” on Intelly for this coffee because they have taken it down from the purchase site, but it is still viewable on “in season.”  This is a rich coffee.  I have just utterly been amazed in the past year at Guatemala coffees.

I have taken every press I have made and from smell and visual of steeping, to the visual of pouring, smell, taste after pushing the piston in and the whole nine yards I ask the wife “So, what did I press this morning?  The Guatemala or the Ethiopian Yirg?  She and I both have a hard time telling which is which.  I think this is a statement of how great the Guatemala is and how far things are coming along in Central and South America.  A couple of years ago I wasn’t interested in that region, at all.  If they get that back in stock, it is a real find!  If you like citrus and the usual Yirgy style coffees, this is it.

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is no exception to be great. I guess it isn’t “in season” but it is still a wonderful cup of coffee.  I don’t need to elaborate here.  Citrus, fruity, earthy, taste of lemons.  Fantastic.

The thing that was the amazing part out of all of this was the espresso:  Black Cat Single Origin Espresso: La Maravilla, Guatemala and at $9.00 per HALF pound I was nerveous.   Don’t be, I am here to tell you this: PEANUT BUTTER!  This stuff was all about peanuts, peanut butter, thick and smooth as silk.   They said it would have a “heavy chocalate bottom.”  More like a heavy Peanut Butter bottom without the salmonella!

It isn’t only worth the money, I am wanting more of it RIGHT NOW!

Enjoy folks and please comment!


2 responses to ““Making a run on” the in season from Intelly

  1. Guatemalan peanut butter coffee? Sounds too wonderful for words!

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