Basics for a new generation coffee business

The wife and I have been just plugging at an idea for a coffee kiosk business.  We have a plan in our head which we intend on putting on paper, but right now it is just in the air.  All we would be doing is sucking off of $B top.  We would be in a high foot traffic educational area and we would keep the menu as simple as possible.  A very, very constricted menu such as a espresso, Latte, cappuccino, with the usual soy and such variations and finally the drip/French press via only two single origins.  Nothing fancy and nothing to argue about.  It is a kiosk and the point is the student doesn’t have to drive four miles off campus between a set of classes to go to $B.  The concept further states that we “are not $B and thus we are different.”  Two flavors, which I don’t even want to offer, but we feel like there is some necessity for it, especially at first.  Hopefully, we will be able to offer at least two tables for chair seating and there is some benches all around this large enclosed rotunda area that we have our eyes upon; Thus we hope we can offer the espresso “for here” only.

Jim Hoffman has some spectacular reading going on over at his blog that, in his words, covers “quite a broad topic within coffee, that covers not only elements of brewing but sales, consumption, successes and failures and the challenges that lie ahead for anyone in the industry.”

The first topic is Trust, then Pricing, and finally Expectations.

I would have to say this is required reading, even for a customer.  I know that Miss Nikki and myself will be studying this short, but very helpful primer.


5 responses to “Basics for a new generation coffee business

  1. very inspiring to start a business…nice work!

  2. Inspiring yes, daunting yes. Thank goodness I have almost all of the equipment already purchased, because I wouldn’t borrow money to do anything right now.

  3. Yeah, you’d have to be flippin’ crazy to want to do anything like that! 😉

  4. Good luck, sir. I’m interested in how this pans out. Kudos for making the first few steps.

  5. Hey Shannon! LOL! You are flipp’n crazy, but it ain’t because you own a kiosk, that just ads to it all ROFLOL.

    And Jason, first few steps is right. All we have done is sit around and brainstorm, really. I have talked to Jason Dominy about his opinion and thoughts. The next thing to do is get some of this on an Executive Summary and a very short plan and present it to somebody at the college who would be in charge of leasing. We don’t even know who that is yet.

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