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Square Mile Roasters of London chosen for the Holidays!

Square Mile Coffee Roasters is on top of my list this year.

Nikki and I wanted to do something this year out of the ordinary…and that we did. As much as I love Counter Culture Coffee, I live within an hours drive of the place. I was really wanting to do something different this year. Nope, not Intelli, either. They were my introduction into the specialty coffee world. What about West Coast? There are some fantastic roasters out there, like Stumptown or even Ecco Cafe.

But, after some discussion, we landed on Square Mile. Me personally, I just kept coming back to them in my head (good marketing guys). They are working on some special stuff. I like the fact they work with small batches and small numbers of those batches. In other words they don’t have 30 different beans for sale, just six or so and they have rather limited quantities of those beans.

I have an inordanant amount of trust in James Hoffman’s and Stephen Morrisey’s ability and skill and Anette Moldvaer‘s nose and taste buds. All are champions! And I am laying trust in that. I have heard some comments, which shall remain nameless, that swear by the stuff! Honestly, one said the “Winter Espresso” was disappearing in milk. I just can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t a batch error. Afterall, you can’t get every batch perfect. It is coffee, not the Bible.

Anyways, I can’t wait. Here was my order:

That Santa Rita natural has my mouth watering thinking about it.

I will need more coffee for the holidays. That is only four pounds. I am leaning on Stumptown, but your thoughts are important and I desire your comments!


Don’t Hassle the Hoff…man!

Just dont Hassle him!

Just don't Hassle him!

Too funny.  Just too funny!  Thanks to Stuart Lee Archer (2008 UK Barista Champion) for this laugh!  Get yourself one if you like.

Tamper Style Preference

Jason Haeger (Texas Coffee People) posted a short blog “article” on his site regarding “Tamper Style Preference.”  I responded below with a link to a Face Book discussion and I think it is well worthy of some time.

Here is my response:

EspressoCraft 3.5 Flat. http://tinyurl.com/55mfqy I asked what they sold more of, flat or convex, and he said it was a 50/50 split and it was all “preference.” So, I stuck with the flat.
I love it.
I would like a RB one day, but I wonder if I would use it? 😉

Now, this morning, I think I saw the first instance where a curve, of some type, would have been useful. I just can’t describe it 🙂

I wonder what HOFF uses?