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Where in the World Is Wilson Hines

Anybody remember the computer game called “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?”  I played that thing on a RadioShack Tandy back in the day!  And I OWNED it!  I could beat it ten ways each day!  🙂

I guess some people are asking where I am and what I am doing.  I have a few answers:

  • It isn’t work that is keeping me from posting quality information to my site.
  • It isn’t a lack of quality coffee (will reference some later in the post).
  • It is Twittering.  There is the whole blame.

The last post was the 21st of December.  I have found that Twitter is a fantastic tool for “Micro-Blogging” and I have been using it more and more every day.  On the mobile, at the desktop and checking the DMs constantly.  I “tweet” about anything and everything, coffee included.

Christmas was special.  We really had a good time this year.  I love Christmas and we try to make it a special coffee experience every year, as well.  This year, as previously posted, we went across the pond to the United Kingdom and purchased a fantastic group of coffees from @SquareMile Roasters in London (see there I go twittering).

The coffee Square Mile sent us was fantastic.  The Los luchadores Espresso was surely in a class by itself.  Everybody knows I like Toscano from CCC and this espresso was just as good and in some respects, better.  The Santa Rita Natural was just that: Natural.  Really full of flavor.  I even sneaked a espresso shot of that COE and it was great just as a SO espresso.   While there wasn’t anything wrong with the  El Portillo, it just wasn’t the Santa Rita!  It was great, please don’t misunderstand me.  But, the Santa Rita just kept coming back to us.

We surely enjoyed our time with their coffee and the shipping was great too; eight days to the Eastern United States off of roast.  I think that is perfect timing for some degassing and such.

Since running out of the Square Mile, the wifey and I have been going to Raleigh every 10 days or so and buying whatever strike our fancy up at Helios Cafe in downtown.  They serve Counter Culture Coffee.

Thanks for the visit and enjoy your coffee for the day!


It’s a small world, even for Barak and me

Too funny, since using Twitter I have been searching for people out there that have some of the same interest that I hold. Coffee is surely one. I rarely talk about the “P” word (read Politics). Oh, I surely have my own opinions and in the right “forum” (don’t read ‘online’ into that word) I will discuss what I think. I was running my daily jog when all I could think was that my previous post was something I just really am not prepared to “get into” on my blog or even on the front end of my site.

Michael Weisman is an outstanding author (God in a Cup ) and columnist for the NYT, the Washington Post and other variuos medias. After seeing her Twitter page, I imagine she may just be a democrat, too. That is fine, half my family is, as well. I get along well with all of ’em! Take a look at the eight people following her Twitter (“following page“).

I imagine if that wasn’t BHO’s official campaign worker doing the “Twitter” the “Twit” would get sued for misrepresentation among other things.

Funny how small this world really is.

OK, I promise. I will do my best not to post anything faintly associated with “P” in the future, or at least the near future. And Michael, I am ordering “God in a cup” this weekend from your Amazon link. I can’t wait.

Twittle Dee, Twittle Dumb…Twitter

OK, I am in the middle of setting up Twitter.  It is perfect for stupid little comments like I am doing right now.  Short burst of my mind.  Rather Twitterish, don’t you think?

Maybe nobody will ever follow me, but who cares.  Like I told my physician the other day, I am 34 and boring…no high blood, no cholestoral, no cancer, not a broken bone ever…. no, no, no on everything.  Boring.

So, please, follow me…