Coffee that will shift Paradigms

I wrote about over a year ago and I still make references to it on this blog from time to time. Almost every single day somebody will say or write something that makes me think of it. It is currently the most searched words on my blog and the most overall viewed post in the year and a half history of this blog.

What am I talking about? Ethiopia Biloya.

Yesterday Jason Dominy and I were talking on the phone and he brought it up. It is just the darnedest thing you have had in your life. It is really undescribable.

Blueberry, chocolate, HONEY, and twenty nine other descriptors. Where we cupping coffee tainted with LSD?

Think about it for a moment: A coffee so special it was airlifted in airtight sealed bags strait from Ethiopia by FedEx! Then brought to the states and divided out amongst a few people who had literally paid the price and then for some reason a guy like George Holt to send it to me at no cost and just to see what I would say. Sharing the experience. Trying to blow peoples minds. What an incredible person George is to share something so special with complete strangers. He converted my wife from never wanting to touch “that nasty mess” to desiring it every morning and evening, as if it were “a walk with God.” Don’t get me wrong, she won’t touch even the best mediocre coffee. Oh no, George started my wife on high grade crack and we can’t have just any ol’ coffee now. We have to have the Ethiopian Yirgs, Sidamo, Idido, Kenya Kongocho, and on and on. Cup of Excellence out of the Americas will do and if you say $B my wife will laugh at you harshly to your face. She is a snob! All because of, at the most, three cups of coffee that changed her entire concept of what coffee is and more importantly is not.

That is what I love about great coffee.


One response to “Coffee that will shift Paradigms

  1. Quite simply, George’s Biloya was the best coffee I have ever put in my mouth. Easily. My mouth waters thinking about it.

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