In Season…wow

Introducing “In Season Coffee.” In Season is a site that is dedicated to giving exact educational information about the coffees themselves. Here is a portion of the “Mission Statement” of the site:

“Specialty Coffee has it all figured out, right? Direct relationships with growers, careful roasting, Baristas pulling perfect shots… we’ve squared the circle. Not exactly, as there is a final missing piece: seasonality.”

You really need to see the site to understand it. There is the “Mission Statement” and then there is the “Coffees” and what is listed is the “In Season Now.” As you click on, for example, “Flecha Roja, Costa Rica,” you will then get information about the Producer, the Farm, region, varietal, altitude and harvest season. Finally a “Buy Now” button that takes you back to Intelli’s site.

This is fantastic! Please take your time and get educated. You can literally learn something new about coffee every 10 minutes, I do!


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