Taking Google Chrome through the paces


Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Beta is out and it is LOUD!  Most of the time, when I download a new browser I am very suspicious and this is no exception.

Currently I am using this browser at this time to write this article, use Google Maps to plan a route, listening to the Barista Exchange podcast, look at my Gmail, Google Reader, Twitter, a Flightsim forum, and look at my WordPress dashboard.  

When Google talks trash about multithreading, it isn’t a joke.  When doing similiar task in my beloved Firefox, FF will slow my computer to a crawl.  Chrome is independently resourcing for each tab, just as if each tab were not only a seperate window of a program, but a seperate program all together!  IMHO, I wish FF was like this, but alas, I guess somebody has to do it first.  This browser is fast and I do mean fast!  It was meant for multithreading, multitasking and heavy webpages.  Webpages like Barista Exchange, gmail, google maps and such are an immediate drain on a computer, but Chrome seems to plow through with little, if any, noticible let down in the speed of the computer.  

Yes, Chrome is lacking a lot, but grant them that it is a beta.  And you know how Google works: things stay in beta forever.  An API will be forthcoming very soon which will allow independent developers to work with code, which I think is the only thing that made FF as big as it is.  

There are some downsides, but I think Google will attack these problems quickly.  And the “problems” I speak of are just lack of features and I assure you that will evolve quickly.

Check out the Google Chrome site ASAP!


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