WBC announces espresso machine and grinder sponsors

I will leave this with you for the Labor Day Weekend, here in the states.  OMG, this is ridicules.

Read up on this over at Andrew Hetzel’s site, as I don’t have time to get all the sources and everything and do a “full report.”  Looks like he did a great job, anyway.


LONDON (August 29, 2008) – The world’s top baristas will test their coffee making skills in competition using the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia espresso machine and MAHLKÖNIG K30 espresso grinders at World Barista Championship events in 2009 – 2011.

Look, I am one to proclaim the following about both of the brands:

  • Nuova Simonelli – Every single place, without any exception, I go and see these machines has the worst coffee one can imagine.  Especially their grinders.  IMHO, these are the machines people buy when they can’t or won’t afford for a real piece of equipment.
  • MAHLKÖNIG – I know of two places that uses this in their bar and they do a great job.  I honestly don’t know anything more than that.  It doesn’t bother me at all one way or another  on the grinder.  MAHLKÖNIG or the current sponsor the Compak K-10.

Now that I have pissed everybody off, I am off on holiday.  G’day!


5 responses to “WBC announces espresso machine and grinder sponsors

  1. I was the same with Nuova, until I banged into one of the big guns in Copenhagen. They are hoping to shake the train station, shit coffee, image, and this is a great way to do it.

    The machine itself is lovely, not sure about the looks though!

    Chris Weaver, Common Grind

  2. I also am not to excited about this choice of N.Simonelli. I’m not sure why the aurielia was even entered as I thought Victoria Arduino is the high end machine from this company and is at least a better looking machine. There is a wasteland of bad coffee out there, so your experience could have a lot to do with that. There is so many that have a desire to be in this industry and are presently that serve some lame excuses for coffee that make money calling it special when its old and bad! Sorry for the tangent. I have had coffee on this espresso machine that was not bad, but must say it is not the machine La Marzocco has been putting on the table and you didn’t see them put a linea up.(a work horse none the less!)

  3. The more I read about this, the more frustrated I am about this selection. I am wondering if there is a big write up somewhere like coffeegeek or wherever. I know M. Prince was at the trials. I will give Scott Conary a call tomorrow, maybe he can clarify some of it. Scott is a big fan of “other” machines than LM, especially Asotoria. He was also the 2007 Head Judge @ the WBC and USBC.

  4. I was able to play on this machine at the WBC machine testing in Vancouver back in January… while I’m a major marzocco fan, the Aurelia had amazing temperature stability and technically blew some of the other machines out of the water, so while I’m sad about the FB80 not being chosen, I’m not surprised…

  5. Hey m’lissa! I hope SFO is treating you good! I just hate not to see that FB80 up on the platform. It is so damn majestic! LOL! Do you really think the temp stability of the Aurelia is BETTER? I won’t argue, I am just wanting to know.

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