Mt. Victory Coffee and Tea

About a month ago, I was driving through a little town that I blaze right through very often when I am running produce back and forth from North Carolina to Michigan.  The town is Mount Victory, OH.  The little town has a website that is not your normal “home page” for a town, either.  To be honest, I just about hate, almost any “small town website” out there, including my own home town.  But, M.V has a nice site with some great information about the town.

Most importantly, the website is currently featuring the newest member of the business community.  It’s name: Mount Victory Coffee & Tea.

When I was blazing through for the first time in about a year I almost locked up the 18 brake drums on that truck at the stop light, even with the “green light” blaring at me and several trucks right behind me.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: A coffee shop in the absolute middle of no where!

So, after about a month, I finally was able to drive through during business hours and I pulled over to the right across the street from the shop.  It is the old downtown type of building in small town mid-west America!  The building is a fantastic old antique shop that the new owners spent over a year tearing up so they could build up.  I wish I had pictures, but my HTC  Touch phone, for some reason, was malfunctioning on me.

Immediatly I met the owner, Jerry Salyer.  He had a local friend in their and they were just chatting and I came in desirous of espresso and capps.  I quickly looked around, very warey to get a look at the equipment and how well it was taken care of  before I ordered.  Sometimes I go in small places like this and the best thing to do is kindly ask for a Coke and walk out the door after paying! LOL!  But, Jerry had a brand new Rancilio two group machine and a Mazzer Super Jolly grinder.  Everything was extremely clean.  The Fetco system was brand new.  Everything was brand new.

I quickly asked about his roaster (Jerry, don’t hurt me, but I can’t remember the roaster) and I had never heard of them.  But, the espresso he provided me was rich, a bit dark for my taste, but it surely had some Sumatra there, as it had a bite.  There was a hint of chocalate as well, trying to round the roast off a bit.

I was impressed! But, I became more impressed with Jerry as time went along.  We talked about his desire: “To make the best, the very best, coffee and espresso in the area.”  I think “area’ is the key word.  If that is the desire, he has that tied right up, as there isn’t anything like his shop in over 100 miles, easily.  But, if you take “area” to be a vast large area of several hundred miles, he may have some competition in the up state, Columbus, and Cincinatti.  But, that is OK!  I like the attitude and at the rate he is going he can actually have the best coffee in the state.

He spent time at Coffee Fest ATL a short time ago and went to every lecture  he could and his partner and girlfriend did the same.  Every lecture dealing with anything, they were there.  He told me that it was his life’s goal to do this shop and now they are on there way.

No, there is no Latte art.  No Jerry didn’t even know what “Third Wave” meant.  And he doesn’t have any tatoos, that I could see.  But, Jerry is as Third Wave as you can be at this stage and as we talked about Third Wave principles and concepts, it was clear that Jerry has the same desires and wishes as we do.

Mount Victory Coffee & Tea is going to be just fine.  And, when in season, I am making my trips up and down that area (like in the morning!)  I can’t wait to stop by and have some espresso and capps with Jerry and the folks in Mount Victory, OH.


6 responses to “Mt. Victory Coffee and Tea

  1. Today I visited the Mt. Victory Coffee & Tea. Long time friend, Jerry Salyer, welcomed me. I hadn’t seen him in quite a while. Jerry had studied martial arts under my tutelage years ago. When I heard he opened a coffee shop and his goal was to make the best coffee in Ohio, I knew I was about to taste the best coffee in Ohio. I tried the caramel cappuccino. It was no doubt the best I have ever tried. I must have sat around a couple hours talking and catching up with Jerry.
    The shop is a very warm place. You can really lose track of time in there. There is beautiful artwork displayed, and very clean. I watched anxiously as customers came in and bought their favorite drinks and cookies. Some were regulars that come in everyday, while others were first-timers.
    He spoke of what a great time they all had the previous Saturday night. He had a couple musicians come in for live music. It was standing room only.
    I know that when Jerry Salyer sets goals, he sets them high, and he achieves them! So if you want the best coffee in Ohio served up by a friendly 52-year-old, black belt, go to the Mt Victory Coffee & Tea!

    -Rich Stevenson

  2. Wow, Jerry can kick my arse? Crap! Hey Rich, thanks for dropping by and posting about the shop.
    I am excited for Jerry! The potential of that store is great and Jerry is going to take it “to the mat!” 🙂
    I hope to run into you sometime at the shop. Thanks again,
    Wilson Hines

  3. Wilson, we haven’t seen you for a while. Hope all is well. Be sure to stop in next time you are traveling through.

    Thanks again for the nice comments from both you and Rich!

  4. Hey Jerry! I have been working Florida and the “heat” is getting turned up down there with the freight. Looks like it may be next July/August before I see you again! Say hi to the regulars that you know I know and to Jodi!

  5. Hey,- this is Joe & Toko, and we stopped at this shop 3 times already this summer, and we just Love it! Any brags are for Real. And like the gentleman above says – it is Clean, comfortable, and Does have Good Coffee! – p.s.- Toko Loves Jerry’s Green-Tea Smoothies!! – Will stop whenever we go thru Mt. Victory and they are open. – Sincerely, – Joe & Toko from Marysville

    • Joe I must apologize. I thought I had approved this comment earlier, but evidently I hadn’t. I appreciate your interest and your comments.

      I stopped in two weeks ago and was able to spend an hour with Jerry and the regulars! I miss our chats so much! Due to the construction going on the OHDOT has effectively cut Jerry off from the rest of the world and all that fantastic thru traffic he had. It was supposed to last 10 days and I hope it is all over by now.

      I should be able to see him again on Tuesday morning, hopefully. I need some more of those chocolate covered coffee beans 🙂

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