The Perfect Cappuccino Movie

Amy Ferraris is a movie producer who turned a simple desire to find a good capp into a very powerful drive to find the PERFECT capp!  You can hear her on the Double Shot podcast co-hosting a couple episodes and talking about it.  I can’t wait to get a copy!

Copying from the Double Shot Cafe blog:

Amy Ferraris’ movie, “The Perfect Cappuccino” is starting to play at film festivals around the midsection of the country. I haven’t seen the final cut, but last I knew the DoubleShot played a pretty good role in the movie.

This Saturday the movie is playing at the Hardacre Film Festival in Tipton, Iowa. If you’re in the area (or have a flexible travel schedule), go see the movie. And let me know how it is.

It’s also playing at festivals in Houston, Kansas City, and Hot Springs Arkansas. I think.

Congrats to Amy. I’m hoping to get to one of the screenings. You should too.

Check out her website:


2 responses to “The Perfect Cappuccino Movie

  1. That’s just porn for coffee geeks right there!

  2. ROFLOL! I have laughed for a solid 30 seconds on that comment!
    The trailer is good, go watch it.
    You know there is a Facebook group for espresso porn, didn’t you?
    what is this Third Wave coming to?

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