McDonalds and Starbucks afternoon drink deal…smart business?

I think so.  As you can read in CNN’s article,  they are going nationwide with the program that allows a morning customer to bring in a receipt after 2 p.m and receive a “iced grande beverage” for $2.

Is that smart business?  I think so, the customer isn’t going to spend it anywhere else, like McDonalds, if they spend it right there after 2 PM.  Knowwhuttamean?

Talking about McDonalds, I was in Fremont, OH the other day and broke down and bought a cappuccino.  Why did I do this to myself?  I don’t rightly know.  I do know this: I was expecting better, believe it or not.

My wife told me I needed to try it (she was being sneaky).  My friends told me, “Don’t start a coffee shop, McDonalds is doing espresso based coffee now.” (I was told that by tons of family and friends).  I read a blog post (like that is authoritative?) that was speaking of the high prices at $B and said, “…why pay $4 at $B when you can go to McDonalds and get the same product for $1 or more less.?”

Let me get something strait right here.  I don’t like $B, I think most of you know that.  I don’t like the taste of their coffee, I don’t like their “relationships” with the growers, I don’t like much of anything about them.  But, I do need some caffiene on the road sometimes and well, the premium Third Wave shop is elusive in Fremont, OH and most of Hometown, USA.  So, sometimes I will “break bad” and get a capp at a $B.

Now that is strait, let me tell you about this capp at McDonalds.  The guy hit the button on the “espresso machine” if you want to call it that, and the steamed milk started pouring FIRST!  I started to laugh.  Then the grinder started and the espresso started to pour a second or so later.  It started pouring very dark and within 3 seconds turned as blonde as Britiny Spears’!  The whole shot stopped after 12 seconds!  He just started stirring as the cup filled and then looked at this chick beside him and said, “Finish this.” and walked off! LOL!  OMG!  She finished it, alright!  She continued to stir it as it filled to the top and then handed it to me with a lid.

I took a sip and you know, it tasted flat, like a iced $B espresso out of the can in the cooler at a convienience store.  It was hot, but it tasted like some of the iced crap does; How weird!

Overall, I give McDonalds an “F” on the coffee deal.  They suck!


2 responses to “McDonalds and Starbucks afternoon drink deal…smart business?

  1. Man, that’s funny. Was this the actual McCaffe thingy or just a regular McDonalds with an espresso “machine?” I couldn’t find a way to work this item into my recent post, so I’ll add it here for your amusement. Here’s some seriously unscrupulous McDonald’s coffee marketing for you (

  2. Just a regular McDonalds. Thanks for the link.

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