Tamper Style Preference

Jason Haeger (Texas Coffee People) posted a short blog “article” on his site regarding “Tamper Style Preference.”  I responded below with a link to a Face Book discussion and I think it is well worthy of some time.

Here is my response:

EspressoCraft 3.5 Flat. http://tinyurl.com/55mfqy I asked what they sold more of, flat or convex, and he said it was a 50/50 split and it was all “preference.” So, I stuck with the flat.
I love it.
I would like a RB one day, but I wonder if I would use it? 😉

Now, this morning, I think I saw the first instance where a curve, of some type, would have been useful. I just can’t describe it 🙂

I wonder what HOFF uses?

2 responses to “Tamper Style Preference

  1. Could you please update the links to Texas Coffee People with “tx-coffee.com” instead of “txcp.wordpress.com” ?

  2. Hey Jason. Sure thing. I am on vthe road right now. I am on my smart phone. I will change it when I get back.

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