Desperate: Single Origin Espresso Trials

Well, since Intelligentsia kind of “goofed” on my order last week, I only had one single pound of Black Cat Espresso.  I ordered two pounds, so I called back Monday and they were glad to re-ship immediatly and it was on my door step yesterday.  The bad part of this was while I have one more pound of espresso, it was roasted on Monday and I will have to wait another four more days until that roast settles down.  Almost all coffee, regardless of the preparation method, needs about seven days (not all, but most).

So, what is a guy to do?

Well, in the first order I had a pound of Kenya Gaturiri Auction Lot and I am just stupid enough to run that through my Mazzer grinder.  Now, I already know that a single origin espresso like George Howell makes and a few others have different roast profiles than a SO for, example, a press pot.  But, what else is a guy going to do that doesn’t live in a town like ATL, CHI, DCA, NYC, ZLA, RDU.  I just can’t run down to Helios, Ninth Street or Octane Coffee Bar and grab a bag of espresso.

I took the Kenyan and ran that right through the Mazzer and it was just real bright.  Too bright for me.  But, it “stood up well” in a cappuccino!  LOL!  The best espresso I have ever had came from a single origin espresso roast (top three actually) so I know it can be done right.  But, I am hardly equipped for the ordeal.  But, it wasn’t a bad move in desperate times.


2 responses to “Desperate: Single Origin Espresso Trials

  1. Try dropping the dosage a few grams and tighten the grind. Use the scoop method you saw us do here at the shop to dose/distribute if you don’t have a scale.

    You should get a fuller extraction that might balance the acidity. Might!

  2. Thx for the suggestion. I think I know exactly what your talking about. Nope, no scale here. I had been packing the triple basket as much as I could without hitting the screen. The SO does seem to blond quicker.

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