Quality Barista Job Opening in Goldsboro! This makes me sweat!

I was just going through the classified ads in my local paper (Goldsboro News Argus) and I found this:

BARISTA – Full-time position. 7am-3pm, 5 days a week. Must have experience. References required. Apply in person. 2704 Graves Drive. No phone calls!!!

Well, doing a little research, like Google mapping the address, and deductive reasoning tells me that is Mickey’s Pastries. Let me tell you something right now about MIckey’s: Mickey isn’t even alive anymore (I don’t think) but his grand daughter runs the business. She is a “Master Baker” (some type of top of the line cert) and this place has served Counter Culture Coffee in drip form for a few years. In the Goldsboro area, if you say pastry, people just logically expect your about to talk about Mickey’s Pastry. It is top of the line and nobody else can compare. For crying out loud, how hard would it be for her to have been offering some coffee service crap? Real easy, but she chose to deal with (IMHO) one of the best in the business – Counter Culture.

I called today, just being nosey and asked, “Hey, do you guys have some Counter Culture Coffee? The lady said “Yes, we do.” I replied, “Maam, do you have any bags of Espresso Toscano available?” She said, “Not right now, but we will shortly. CCC will be our supplier and you will be able to get espresso, cappuccino, Lattes and bags of coffee in just a little while.”

Folks, whoever gets this job will be taught by CCC staff and will practice proper preparation practices. So, if your in the area and looking a good job as a barista, with the possibility of having direct influence on the quality and such, I suggest giving these folks a call.

There is three $B within a stones throw and that isn’t bothering Mickey’s, either.

This is fantastic.

Good grief I wish I was 19 and had a head on my shoulders.

Watch some stupid yuts that says, “Well I really don’t even like the taste of coffee… (blah, freak’n blah)” wind up with that job.  That would be stupid and rediculas.  I am hoping that the advice given to them by CCC includes the “what not to hire” spill!

Oh my word, I bet she is going to get a hot La Marzocco!  OMW!  And a Robur, OMW!

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