Black Cat Espresso for the morning

Intelligensia Coffee Black Cat Espresso is something I have been wanting to try for a long, long time. I have heard so much about this espresso. It quite possibly is the first specialty coffee espresso blend I ever heard about via the Coffee Geek site and Mark’s early podcasts. Much lauded among the forums like CG and Home Barista I wanted the espresso, but for some reason just never had it until yesterday.

Yesterday was bland, at best. It was five days off the roast. I know I should wait at least 7 days, but I was home off of the road to get repairs on my truck and to get some work done. I had to have some espresso. So, I tried it and it was just bland and that was being kind. It had no taste.

But today… OM! Today was much sweeter. Tomorrow is seven days and I know tomorrow will be much better. I ordered two pounds of BC, but only one was shipped. I called Intelli yesterday and they shipped me another pound and according to the UPS tracking number it is on the way 🙂 While I was at it (may as well take advantage of the free shipping) I ordered a pound of their Fazenda do Sertão, Brazil which is now sold out, as of this morning. So, the good thing is I have free shipping on some fantastic SO coffee and the bad thing is I have to wait another 7 days to make the espresso!

Oh, what a life!


2 responses to “Black Cat Espresso for the morning

  1. this is some great espresso, i had it at the Sacred Grounds coffee parlour in Watertower Mall last time i was in Chicago.

    So far, the best place to order it online has been from NeedCaffeine, a boutique retailer in chicago always has their coffees/espressos in stock…

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