Obama Hussein Bin Laden was just elected President of the U.S.A

Don’t believe it?  Take a look at this CNN Article.  You know, I hate to be a conspiracy theory guru, but the Iraqi’s have been meeting with the Iranian’s quite a bit.

I rarely get “political” on this blog, but BHO scares the living heck out of me.  The only change is going to make is out of the $100 bills in your pockets.  I am for change, but not his.

You did know his middle name was “Hussein,” didn’t you?  Go ahead, ask to see his Birth Certificate; He can’t come up with that either.  BTW, I checked and when the controversy came out about the BC his office denied request after request to see at least a photo copy of the BC.  They now have a “Fight the Smear” website offering a “picture” of the BC.  That thing looks like it came fresh out of the printer.  I am only 34 and mine is dingy and you can surely look at it and see it is some age.

Me personally, I think when every day people (black, white, hispanic, asian or whatever) walk into that voting booth and see that name “Barak Hussein Obama” they won’t be able to get past it.

Before you flame my rear end, remember I have to “approve this message:)”  I don’t mind people who disagree, but I won’t let you treat me like some nut.


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