It’s a small world, even for Barak and me

Too funny, since using Twitter I have been searching for people out there that have some of the same interest that I hold. Coffee is surely one. I rarely talk about the “P” word (read Politics). Oh, I surely have my own opinions and in the right “forum” (don’t read ‘online’ into that word) I will discuss what I think. I was running my daily jog when all I could think was that my previous post was something I just really am not prepared to “get into” on my blog or even on the front end of my site.

Michael Weisman is an outstanding author (God in a Cup ) and columnist for the NYT, the Washington Post and other variuos medias. After seeing her Twitter page, I imagine she may just be a democrat, too. That is fine, half my family is, as well. I get along well with all of ’em! Take a look at the eight people following her Twitter (“following page“).

I imagine if that wasn’t BHO’s official campaign worker doing the “Twitter” the “Twit” would get sued for misrepresentation among other things.

Funny how small this world really is.

OK, I promise. I will do my best not to post anything faintly associated with “P” in the future, or at least the near future. And Michael, I am ordering “God in a cup” this weekend from your Amazon link. I can’t wait.


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