In Defense of Espresso Tuscano: Murky Coffee Owner N. Cho having an easy time saying “No” to customers.

Pure Nectar

Pure Nectar

After reading an engaging report of one customers “moment” at Murky Coffee in Arlington, VA (near D.C) I decided to write my own opinion (as if anybody reads this blog) of why I think this is one instance of Nick Cho actually doing the right thing…cursing and all.  Read up on this and try to follow as many links as you can.  It actually takes you to the Washington Post, U.S News and World Reports as well as the foolish customer’s blog and rant.  Finally, Nick get’s his response and it is proper.  (Hey Nick, bad press is better than no press!) Of course, all of this can be followed, basically, on the first link; but it is interesting to follow it all separately.

Finally, below is what I posted as a “reply” on in regards to this mess.  Nick Cho is absolutely “spot on!”  I have already made my mind up, that if and when I open a store I will provide the best customer service possible.  But, I will not have my hands tied to stupid preparation practices such as iced crap espresso.  Let me be clear here: CCC Tuscano Espresso is, IMHO, pure “nectar!”  I have never tasted espresso like Tuscano and this is what Mr. Cho serves at Murky.  If you fall in love with Tuscano, as many customers, barista and coffee entrepreneurs have, you can fully understand why the barista and Nick feel the way they do.  This customer wouldn’t have lasted one single second at Ninth Street!


After listening to every podcast and then meeting about 15% of Nick’s staff and finally as well as meeting a few of his friends I must say this: I don’t agree with Nick Cho on anything except COFFEE.

Here, in this instance, Nick mixed coffee with business.  I don’t agree with some of Nick’s business practices, however here I am with Nick 100%.  I own my own trucking business and there are probably 15 or 20 things that I just flat out won’t do and if the customer wants to ask me, that is fine, but I will kindly decline.  About five of those 15 things will cause a customer to get a little angry or frustrated.  And while I have never told anyone that I would “punch them in the ****,” I have told a few that I would “kick there ***…” and a few other good ol’ southern metaphors.

Nobody, and I do mean nobody, should tell a man that has hundreds of thousands of dollars invested (not to mention their whole LIFE) should be forced, coerced or made to feel guilty enough to “give in” to the demands of a megalomaniac.

After all, it is your business, isn’t it?


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