Counter Culture Ethiopian and A Fuente Opus X

What a combo!  A fantastic combo, indeed.  I have a large humidor that most people mistake for an “end table!”  Most of the cigars in it are in the five to six year old range and the air inside has been maintained to perfect levels.  The Fuente Opus Opus X robustos’, all four of them, cost me about $50 a peice several years ago.  The Churchill size were about $75 a peice.  They are rare, even more rare than Cubans.  But, they are Dominican in origin (I have 10 Cubans in there right now too 🙂 )

I paired them with some fantastic Counter Culture Ethiopian that I French Pressed and the wife and I sat on the porch in the absolute DARK and just puffed and sipped.  The taste of blueberries were already very present, but OMG the cigar made the blueberries EXPLODE.  They (the combination of the two) really was fantastic.  We haven’t sat on the porch and smoke a cigar on a few years!  We are going to have to “get back to basics!”  What an event.

I have some fantastic Intelligentsia Kenya – Gaturiri Auction Lot and tomorrow morning I will proceed to harm that bag!  I also have something I think is special: Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso.  Special because Intelli was my first source for specialty coffee almost two years ago and I always wanted some BC espresso, but in all of my travels I have failed to find any in a cafe.  I have had my machine up for seven months now and it was just time to have some.  I can’t want until the morning!

A. Fuente Opus Opus X Cigar info:  You can read up here, but the prices are really low now.  When they first came out in the early part of the 90’s they were super rare as most cigar shops held them in humidors behind the counter or in the back of the store.  As about 1999 or 2000 rolled around (about the time I purchased them), it wasn’t much different.  Only “good customers” would get them.  I think they only made them available in the beginning to East Coast U.S.A stores.


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