Run Forest, Run…

OK, when I got married on June 21, 2000 I was 200 lbs and could not get any thinner.  I ran two to three miles per day (2 on a tread mill and 1 on a gym floor).  I would also swim a mile per day, as well.

Now, I am 250.5 lbs and I am sick of it.  Flat out sick of it.  I am wearing XXL shirts and the last time I went to Brooks Brothers to get a suit made it just made me furious.

So, yesterday I was on the way back from Michigan and I stopped at a Nike Outlet and picked up a pair of Nike+ shoes that works with an RFID puck in the shoe with an iPod Nano.  I had hear of RFID before, but this is an incredible use of the technology.  It keeps up with everything like calories burned, distance, and tons of other stats and if you desire you can share that information with people around the world or just people that you want to work with (called teams).  Read up, it is incredible!

I ran a mile today for the first time in eight years.  It hurt, but it was the best hurt of my life.  I love the way running feels.  It hurts all the time, there isn’t any “getting used to it.”  There never has been any getting used to it.  It hurts as you push yourself towards the next goal!  It hurts to slow down if you can  do more.  But, it is a feel good hurt that I love.  In high school I loved, absolutly loved, running.  I just wasn’t that fast, like Levi Faison who would lap me twice in a mile on the football field (he was incredible and more than likely a damn alien).    I ran it in 17 minutes.  That, I know, is slow as hell.  But, I will get better and better fast.  The last time I ran it was a seven minute mile, that was fast for me.  Faster than when I was in high school.

I am going to make a blog page that will still be a part of the Bean Chaser blog and you will be able to follow my progress.

I can’t wait to make a difference in my health.  My wife wants to start running as well, as if she even needs too.  She has had two children and weighs 10 lbs more than when we first were married.  That is incredible to me.

I have got to go now…Anna said she wanted to run with me this evening and she has even called me on the cell phone at 3 PM to ask if it was evening yet!  So, out the door we go.

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