Working with Dilworth Coffee Espresso and SO

Recently, Jason Dominy, who works with DIlworth Coffee in Charlotte, NC, spent a couple days in Eastern North Carolina doing training and sales calls and had intended on stopping by the hacienda.  Due to his schedule and such, it just didn’t work out.  So he shipped the coffee he had intended on bring by personally.  This isn’t the full review that I had in mind, but I have to go to work this afternoon (darn it) and I will intend on doing a full review in about a week.

There was about 1.25 lbs of Dilworth espresso and then a Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a Guatemalan and a Puapa New Guiena.

Nikki and I were impressed with the Guat and the Puapa had alot of pepper in it and was a darker roast.  The Yirg hasn’t been tried yet, but I bet it will stand up well.

Now, on to the Espresso.  The espresso is a lot like CCC Espresso Tuscano.  Surely a sweet espresso and rather forgiving (which I don’t think Tuscano really is, although a lot of people do think it is).  Something that I do miss with this espresso (and this may be the user) is I don’t get the stiping that I get out of Aficionado, Tuscano and LaForza.  I am not experienced enough to know why so I am not going to blame that on the espresso.  I do know it hasn’t hampered the taste.  I have been getting away from the timer and doing the visual shot with the bottomless portafilter lately, and I see it initially pour with a beautiful striping.  It just doesn’t make its way into the cup.  BTW, when I am using the bottomless portafilter with this espresso it gets me excited, it is just really nice coming down.

While close to Tuscano, it isn’t 100% like Tuscano, either.  But, I really like it.  Smokey, vibrant and peppery; it is more like a cross section between Aficionado and Tuscano.  Any consour would enjoy this espresso.


One response to “Working with Dilworth Coffee Espresso and SO

  1. Glad you liked it Wilson. Our Espresso is something we have worked really hard on, and something Chad our Roastmaster really keeps a good eye on. The thing about this espresso is that it not only holds up well to milk, but is a stinking great shot by itself, and that’s important to at least me and us in the building. Also glad you liked the Guat. They have been very good recently, and I hope you will like the other two, too.

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