Firefox 3 is out and a man that is growing older…by the day.

Firefox 3 is out!  The long awaited browser by many is just another headache for me.  Don’t get me wrong; I want Firefox 3.  However, the older I get the more I find myself not interested in “upgrades.”  

First off, let me say I do love Firefox.  I am currently in Morristown, TN at my in-laws home and one thing is for sure: I am using my Father-in-law’s Dell laptop and he just has IE 6.  I am here to tell you the lack of “tabs” integration in this browser is a step into the dark ages.  Right now, I have six browser windows open and I am constantly having to slow down to find information.  If I had Firefox, even 1.0, the productivity level would be “off the hook.” 

So, I do “get it” with firefox.  But, about a year ago I heard about a Harvard or Yale (some big University) study that said that by the time a person is 40 years old they don’t like change, any change at all.  The same study said that by the time your 40 you won’t like to try anything new, either.  When I first heard that I thought to myself that through my twentys I would try about anything once.  Now that I am in my thirties (34) I see that attitude slowing down.  But, I do see myself liking spicy hot food more than ever.  But, with Coffee I find myself having to make an effort to try new things like a new espresso blend or a new single origin coffee.  This attitude makes me nerveous, because I am rarely let down by trying a new espresso blend or SO coffee.  But, I am growing older and I have to learn to combat these tendancies. 

With Firefox 3?  I don’t want to fool with it.  It is just another deal with that study.  When I was in my twenties I loved being on Beta testing groups.  I was a beta tester for Microsoft on Windows 95, 98 and XP.  I was a Beta and Alpha tester for Logos Research Systems on their Logos 2 and Libronix (Logos 3) platforms. 

But, let me tell you that now as a 34 year old I don’t want anything in my computer that could possibly cause any problems at all.  I don’t get that much computer time anymore and when I do walk up to the computer I want what ever software I am using to work RIGHT THEN the first time. 

Firefox 2 started a new time of productivity with web browsing and it made Microsoft wake up to what IE should be doing in the future.  The good thing is that Firefox 2 allowed “tabs” where you could have what used to be containted in two ore more windows in one single browser!  The other revolutionary thing that Firefox did was made the software open (aka “open source) to developers, professional or non-pro,  to make customized add-ons.  The later is also the bad thing about Firefox because if an upgrade comes out for the main software sometimes you find yourself being unable to upgrade the browser if you want to keep the add-on.  Sometimes a developer has “moved on” in his life and just isn’t keeping the add-on up-to-date with the browser’s requirments.  Or maybe the developer is working on the upgraded add-on but it will take some time to update the code for the new add-on. 

With the way software is getting more and more and more complicated by the day you can now see why a big corporation would just rather wait months or even years when even a small release comes out of products like XP/Vista or Office XP or 2008.  I have a friend who works for Bechtel Corp, a huge construction conglomerate,  in their IT department.  He will be the first to tell you that if MS comes out with a new version of their OS (XP/Vista) they won’t jump on it for years, if ever (they may just skip over it).

All this being written, Firefox 3 is out.  Too bad I probably won’t upgrade for months.  I have about 10 or so VITAL add-ons and I will have to prioritize their importance and give the developers time to catch up with F 3.0.  And if they don’t ever catch up, I iwll have to ask myself wether or not I will go to F 3.0.  They range from the not so vital weather “on the bar” to the VITAL “Copy plain text” or various other  “right click” add-ons. 

My Father-in-law is 48.  Past the age of the Harvard study I spoke about.  I could tell him of the “advantages” of Firefox, or just going to IE 7 for that matter.  But, I could read my own post here and if I did that I would probably just mind my own business 🙂


5 responses to “Firefox 3 is out and a man that is growing older…by the day.

  1. standaloneguy

    So that study explains why my parents don’t want to get better internet.

    Figures. They’re old. Jeeeez.. Tough luck with them..

  2. Yeah, my Dad “likes” his 28.8 dial-up. He doesn’t even use it, the secretary does and she is about fed up with it. Go figure.

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  4. Rolling out an OS to upwards of 15,000 end-user PC’s is no small task. Not to mention the added headache of the Vista licensing activation stuff. And what would it really gain Bechtel for their labor and capital? Practically nothing. Well that shiny little clock that sits in the corner might help the accountants keep track of how long their coffee breaks are. 😉

  5. Hey Alan! It is good to hear from the Marshall Islands! How is life there and at Bechtel treating you.
    You know, if you still lived in K-town we could have had lunch this week 🙂

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