Morning Suprise from my Counter Culture Espresso

NOTE: Normally I would never do what am about to discuss, but alas, for the love of a woman…

So, I wake up this morning at the house after a couple of hard days on the road and the wife has the Faema warming up. I walk in asking why, because we have only enough CCC Aficionado espresso beans for about three grinds.

She replied, “Give it a shot, you never know.” So, I did. No grinder calibration. No test shot. No nothing. The first shot came out and looked fantastic and I made a cappuccino with that and she swore it was “right on target.”

I was stunned. So, I made a second cappuccino for myself with the second shot. It was great! I was taken away with how great it really was.

At last, the espresso was down far enough I had to take the hopper off of the Mazzer and hold my hand over the neck to grind. This was just a double shot of espresso and it was absolutly the best shot I have pulled in a long time.

No calibration shots! It is amazing to me. I guess the only explanation was as the beans aged they came right up to where the grind setting was. After all, the two days ago I dialed the grinder in on two shots and thought to myself that it could stand just a hair more fine, but I was afraid of going too far and settled for less than immaculate.

Coffee truly is amazing to me.


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