Helios Cafe & Aficionado by Counter Culture

The family and I were in Raleigh yesterday looking bunk beds for the kids, it is Emma’s fourth birthday that is coming up on the 25th (the fact that it is the fourth is INSANE). We stopped by Helios Cafe in downtown Raleigh. Helios has a brand new two group La Marzocco GB/5 that they purchased from Counter Culture (I remember that thing sitting in the crate last time I was there). What a sweet machine! They were producing some sweet espresso and the capps had incredible texture on the milk. The wife even commented that the GB/5 was just flat out keeping up with the demand (they were “off the hook” busy in there).

I got a double shot of Aficionado and a cappuccino. The wife had a cappuccino as well and Anna had a decaf double shot of Aficionado. She loves espresso. I brought home a pound of Ethiopian Yirg and a pound of Aficionado to feed the beast!

This morning was great. I made Nikki a press of Ethiopian Yirg to take to the office (she is working with Daddy this week while our Secretary is on vacation) and a cappuccino “to-go.” Anna and I had a ball making double shots and capps. And let me tell you, the Aficionado was smokey as ever and right on target. Almost as good as Tuscano, but not quite.

We really enjoyed a quite morning shook up by the Mazzer and the Faema. A little whining, grinding and swirling noise is good first thing in the morning!


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