One Month with the HTC Touch

After a month with the HTC Touch I have found myself more and more amazed.  Amazed at what I was missing in a phone and amazed at what other truck drivers who own and operate their businesses “on the go” must be missing.  Check out this review at Mobile Tech Review and see what I am talking about.  Is it perfect? Heck no.  Is it well on the way to mobile nirvana?  Yes.

The awesome contact management is where this unit really shines.  If you can do something in Outlook, you can probably do it in the Touch contact software; of course it seamlessly syncs with Outlook and other MS Office software.   I can tag a contact with key words like “FL,” “Broker,” “Produce Receiver,” “Produce Shipper,” “NJ,” and many other tags.  This makes this phone flat out amazing.

I will agree that the processing power of the Touch is a bit lacking, especially when trying to directly input a raw telephone number that isn’t already in the contact list.  While your punching numbers on the touch keypad it is going through the contact list trying to match it up.  If you quickly dial the number and hit the “talk” button, it will dial up something or somebody in your list by mistake.  “The 201MHz Texas Instruments OMAP 850 feels underpowered…” was the statement in the review and overall I agree with the statement.  This is the reason, actually, that I have so long waited to buy a smartphone, because I am very fast on a computer and even the fastest computers out there are behind my mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts.  I knew that a smartphone of a year ago or more would just be frustrating.  While I find the Touch struggling to catch up with me at times, I don’t find it too slow to adjust to.

I was in Miami at a warehouse the other day and I was using my Touch to get some work done and make a phone call and a receiving clerk walked over with his iPhone and we did a very detailed, feature for feature, comparison.  He would perform a task and then I would perform a task and visa versa.  I was shocked to learn that my Touch performed just as good as his iPhone.  I thought I was taking the “2nd best” phone to the iPhone, but in all reality there was only a couple things that the iPhone could do that my Touch couldn’t do and those were countered by my Touch doing things that his iPhone couldn’t do.  Overall, I was satisfied that I had made a good investment.  The biggest beef with my Touch, in comparison to the iPhone, is I HATE Windows Media player and the Sprint Music Store.  I have a vast iTunes collection (about 18 gb) that has been purchased via the iTunes software.  None of this music will work on my Touch unless I convert it over to mp3 or whatever.  So, I still have to tote my iPod if I want my iTunes music – which I do!   The screen on the iPhone is slightly bigger and that is an Apple advantage as well.  Trust me, at this size every millimeter of resolution matters.

Speaking of the screen, when browsing the Internet I find great success browsing sites that are “mobile” coded, like CNN’s mobile site and Google’s Mobile site (my homepage).  But, the iPhone tauts that it can view any page on the Internet as long as it is properly coded in HTML 3.  Well, if it can do that, that is another advantage.  On sites like it shows the headers, then the tables on the left and then the content, so it means allot of scrolling to get to the content.

Overall, I am very happy.  Yes there are things that could be better, but if it were perfect people would be out of a job making it better 🙂  What job security!  I talk to truck drivers in the truckstops and places where I pickup and deliver and I am amazed at how disconnected they are and wonder how in the world do they even keep the wheels rolling.


2 responses to “One Month with the HTC Touch

  1. Glad to hear you like the phone. I have it too, and I’d offer the following suggestions and comments:

    #1 Sprint Music Store – This app is not as slick as iTunes, but it is better. Thanks to Sprint’s EVDO network, you can buy the song and download it on the spot. The current iPhone can’t match the cellular network speed, but it does have wireless. However, thanks to the speed and coverage of the Sprint network in major cities, I haven’t found the need for wireless when I’ve travelled.

    #2 Web Browsing – I agree that the Safari browser built into the iPhone is far superior to Pocket Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, this isn’t a difference in functionality of the device, just a difference in software. If the Safari browser had a Windows Mobile version, your Touch could view the same websites.

    To that end, I would recommend signing up for the Skyfire ( beta. This web browser will show you any page on the Internet, including ones with Flash which the iPhone currently can’t handle.

    #3 Windows Media Player – Is yet another underpowered Microsoft app. I would recommend checking out S2P on the forum. This app operates just like an iPod, but it only does music for now. I would generally check those forums for suggestions with iTunes.

    #4 SPB Mobile Shell 2.1 – GET IT. Get it now. It makes the whole Windows Mobile interface a whole lot easier. Keep reading those forums I mentioned above for some awesome skins on this software.

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for comments. It is high time I update this blog, especially my experience with my HTC Touch. First off, I have been using the SPB MS 2.1 along with Time, Diary, Phone Suite and Wallet. Every single one are now a requirement with my phone! The Wallet is just fantastic, but all of them are fantastic.
    I have to disagree with you in regards to the Sprint Music Store. I have a 28 GB iTunes account. That is right, 28 GB! That is just what I have purchased, not including what I have ripped! iTunes works for me better than anything I have tried and I have tried many of them. I actually used Sprint on my A900 Samsung and for 10 or 12 of my “got to have favs” it was “OK” but limited to death!
    I wasn’t aware of Skyfire! I had tried the latest Opera but ditched it because of its lack of XT9 support. I have now signed up for Beta 2!
    Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I see your a developer! I have a project in my head but I am not a developer and I don’t know how to find one either, other than I have found you! 🙂
    What I am thinking of doing will be able to be directly marketed to it’s intended users along with the usual download sites. IF your interested, e-mail me wilsonhines AT

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