Eating Coffee Beans Off of the Tree!

I was at the NC Zoo yesterday courtesy of Thomas Tire Company of Asheboro, NC.  They have been our preferred tire vendor for the trucks for a couple years now due to their strong emphasis on technology based solutions.

While at the zoo, we were in the African Pavilion around all of the monkeys and such when my wife noticed…”Isn’t that a coffee tree?”  Oh my!  It was a Arabica coffee tree!  And we took pictures of every solitary thing there BUT that tree!  I quickly partook, pealing the skin off of the cherry and getting to the meat of the matter and finding the bean at the end.  You know, they were good eating!  And after the children and I had four or five we were WIRED!  I still can’t believe I didn’t take pictures!


One response to “Eating Coffee Beans Off of the Tree!

  1. That’s really wild. I live in NC and didn’t know you could grow coffee here although I do have a coffee tree I got for Christmas growing in my house.

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