Little time & less coffee

I just haven’t had any time to even think coffee for the past couple of weeks. I have been going back and forth from North Carolina to Florida and then up to Philadelphia and of course back to North Carolina. It takes about five days to making the whole turn. Right now I am in Vineland, NJ and it looks like this ship has run out of steam. I cannot find a load out of here so it looks like it might be time to find some good coffee .


2 responses to “Little time & less coffee

  1. Just curious, do you ever transport green coffee beans?

  2. Gi there
    No but I have already been talking that idea up with Caeborro Roasters and Crema Coffee Roasters. I work frequently with two other small trucking companies that run California, as well. It is a possibility that I need to explore to a greater degree. Do you have any ideas. Btw, for those that care, I found a load.

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