Insight: Technology, Connectivity and Trucking, Part II

Oh man.  Was I relieved to hear my phone ringing.  It was a broker who badly needed to cover a load of tomatoes going from Plant City, FL to Philadelphia, PA.  And the price was good too.  So I am loaded, right?

Yes, I am loaded, but I start thinking of how in the world I am going to keep from this happening again.  If your “disconnected” from the outside world in the year 2008 in the trucking business, you might as well be out of business.  I have a friend of mine who doesn’t have a laptop, doesn’t have a friend he can call and he is struggling to the point that he has less than 90 days to figure out whether or not he is going to stay in business.  He is 40 years old and reluctant to work with new technology.  In other words, the business is “moving on” and he isn’t willing to move on.   And now that the “writing is on the wall” he wants to do some investing in technology and now doesn’t have the money to invest.

I wanted to write more and be more detailed about the phone, but I am running out of time 🙂  I had a choice between putting a laptop in my truck and just that act, the very act of placing it in the truck will cost me about $400 in mounting hardware and the LCD monitor, along with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  Or I can upgrade my phone!  So I did, this thing is fantastic.  The HTC Touch by Sprint (CNET Review).  I guess if CNET is reviewing your phone, that means it is “cutting edge,” right?  I don’t know the answer to that really, but it seems to be cutting edge.  The lady at the Sprint store asked me what I would like to see and I said, “The very best thing in this store!”  I think it is the best, at this point.  It seems to be the response by Microsoft to the Apple iPhone, which I would rather have but don’t want to switch my carrier, as I have five phones on this carrier.

I KNOW this much:  I can post my truck on the load boards in 1 minute!  I can perform a state to state or state to multi-state search within 2 minutes, as opposed to 15 minutes before for either function.

More to come…


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