Waste :: How to stop it?

It all boils down to this: 1.25 lbs for six people.  With triple baskets in one naked portafilter and a double spout portafilter that made 18 double shots and seven cappuccinos.  Don’t you think I am wasting too many beans?  Because I used part of one bag and a whole 1 lb bag, I had probably four more double shots to dial in the grinder.  That is two dial double shots per segment.  I also had one double shot that after tamping and turning the pf over to get rid of the loose grounds and the basket just emptied out in the box.  Also, the same thing happened with Mark when he was pulling shots.  So, add 2 more to the 18 and you have 20 triple baskets used, plus the seven triple baskets used for the capps.

That is 27 triple baskets for six people in the house this morning.  Don’t you think this was too much coffee going through the grinder?


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