The Barista Exchange – It’s like Myspace…Sort of

The Barista Exchange is like MySpace but better in many ways.  First off, it is by the coffee community and for the coffee community, so you won’t have to worry about your children being approached by a hairy 40 year old to meet in a van down by the river.  Second, it just has better functionality – it works.  Third, and the best I think, is instead of a site like or the Barista Guild the invited includes amateurs, or home enthusiast.

You can see “my profile” which is really a “home page” like on MySpace.  It includes photos, music, a blog and something for random thoughts and such called the “comment wall.”  I logged onto my MySpace site today for the first time in ages just to see what all was there.  I updated the profile and such, but I just never “got into” the whole MySpace thing.   The only reason I ever had a MySpace page was so I could get on a guitar site that used MySpace and required an account.  I found an old girlfriend from WAY back (actually she found me) and that is about it.  Oh yeah, because my profile wasn’t “up-to-date” my wife’s nephew saw it back in the summer and thought that I was trying to attract some wo-man!  Heck, I had to update that real quick!


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