I have worn the same shirt since 2003…every day

Strait from Fox News.  You must read this to believe this.  Yes, every freak’n day!  Not missing one single day.  Even to church.  Even to the proctologist.  Even to the middle school dance.  And what do you think Favre thinks about this, if he knows.  Wouldn’t you know he thought it would have been rather ridicules?
I just can’t imagine it.  My mother would have stopped this crap on the second day.  The last phrase in the article is “His mother, Carolyn, washes the jersey every two days and has had to do some mending of the jersey.”  I bet!  I figure there has been some stuff growing on this thing.  I can’t imagine she caught it every single two days and never missed a washing.  And HECK, he is 11 years old and in 2003 he would have been eight years old.  I went from waste high to an adult at eight to as big as an adult by twelve, this kid must be a midget (not that there is anything wrong with being a midget!).

I am just amazed, flabbergasted.


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