The Third Wave in it’s Third Year (now 5th) – Trish Skeie

I just found an interesting article by the lady, Trish Skeie, who coined the term “Third Wave.”

To quote her quoting Nick Cho, “The first wave is all about consumption,” says Nick Cho of Murky Coffee and fame. “The second wave is about enjoyment and defining specialty, and the third allows the coffee to speak for itself. The third wave appreciates each coffee for what it truly is and takes whatever necessary steps to highlight the amazing unique character in every coffee.”

This article is worth the time it takes to read and it is rather controversial, even within its own ranks.  For example, has a plethora of articles, but this one started by R. Hartnell takes the cake.  Even Tonx, my West Coast friend who I credit for helping me find good espresso on the East Coast, gets into the fray!


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