Morning of Espresso and Capps

I wish I had more pics of this morning.  It really was fun.  We had a guest over, Mark Hughburger.  Mark is a really good friend of mine and a fellow truck driver from Melbourne, Florida (where his family lives) and Dalton, GA (where his heart lives).  Mark comes once or twice a year and last November I spent two days in Melbourne with his family.  They are really a fantastic lot of folks.  BTW, his dad is a retired U.S Navy Captain with 30 years of service.  He was the one of the first captains of the U.S Navy Los Angeles Class Submarines.

Anyway, Mark is here and the house woke up to it’s first real, truly “3rd Wave” (gasp, ROFLOL) morning.  The machine was crackling with the boiler running and all of a sudden the shot started pouring.  I had the grinder dialed in on the fourth shot!


Mark watches in amazement, as he has no other exposure other than $B.   Mark and I also went to Open Eye yesterday and they just blew his M I N D!


Watching the ristreto.  It was glorious!  Just glorious!


Drip, Drip, Drip!  Wonderful.


Barely covering the bottom of the cup.  The Italian way was achieved: one gulp of sweetness.


And finally, Mark’s Christmas gift to Nikki and myself.  Two $B (we forgive him) 16 oz cups with chrome plating.  Only a truck driver will truly appreciate this gift.  They are amazing!


One response to “Morning of Espresso and Capps

  1. great lookin’ ristretto, and a great lookin’ faema.
    should you choose to buy that drive-thru, if i ever get that far into north carolina, i’ll definitely stop by and say hey.

    oh, do you know anything about the cafe scene in asheville? specifically, what shops i can avoid on my day trip in the next week.

    merry christmas!

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