KA PL Meltdown!


Well, the saga has begun! I have a friend of mine who has a KA PL espresso machine and a matching KA PL grinder who has had great success pulling high quality shots. Because of this, I held out so much hope for my KA PL grinder. I was so very happy with the KA PL as a French press grinder or as a drip grinder. But, I knew almost immediately that the PL grinder just wasn’t going to be able to keep up. The burrs went hot on me very quickly and eventually it started to throw out a coarse grind and the more I pulled and tried to dial in the more and more coarse it was getting. Out of several (I lost count quickly) shots I may have only pulled one acceptable shot. I knew what my problem was immediately: The grinder. Eventually the KA PL locked up on me.


I took the grind adjustment knob off of the front and even with a screw driver I can’t pry that burr and axle out of the receiver. When I do get it back going, it may just need some new burrs (hopefully), at which time I will retire the KA PL to French Press duty – which hardly anything does a better job (M. Prince thinks so and I agree).

So, in any case I went through that nice lb of Ecco Cafe Traditional Northern Italian Espresso Roast like a banche and only received one good shot from it. Totally not the fault of Ecco!

SO, Wilson, HOW DID YOU FIX THE PROBLEM? Well, Scott Conary to the rescue! Scott had a Mazzer Mini with ETL/NSF certs that had a brand new set of burrs. We agreed to a price and I drove up yesterday to pick it up at Carrboro’s Open Eye Cafe & Carrboro Roasters.


*I can’t get these turned right, sorry about that*

Anyway, I was immediately impressed, but as I mentioned earlier today in a post on HB the speed of the machine is slow, compared with a $2,240.00 Robur, but I will manage. Eventually, patiently, I will find a used Robur that needs some T.L.C. (You may be interested in this Coffeed.com discussion on the 3 phase Mazzer Robur – what an amazing piece of work (but three phase? What do you need three phase for? Isn’t single phase 220v enough?)


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