Lift Off of the Faema S87!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now go for “throttle up!” I don’t have pics, because things got tense!

Basically, we flipped the breaker about 30 or more times trying to get the right wiring configuration. European, UK and USA standards are not only different, they are complexly different and to top it off my S87 had been “jury rigged” on the wiring side. So, we basically had to play Russian roulette and we lost about 30 times!

I had a couple leaks and it took a few minutes to get that settled, too. Oh, btw, we used two Wirlpool WHC-DUF water filtration kits. These are 10″ kits and they worked perfectly except Lowe’s didn’t have a softener cartridge so I am going to have to order that online. So, right now, the two 10″ housings are installed and only one has a water filter in it being used. I have great water pressure and all that is working great.

The first thing I did was use about 1/4 lbs or less of some 8 O’Clock whole bean coffee the wife picked up at Wal-Mart for me to use just to get the grinder out of “French Press mode.” Once that was accomplished I turned to my Crema Coffee Roasters Espresso roast that was 10 days old. I had1 lb of it on “standby” just for the hope of getting this thing hooked up in time for Christmas. Also, I have 1 lb of Andrew Barnett’s Ecco Cafe Northern Italian Espresso that is five days old. I used almost half of the Crema roast before I reasonably had good results, but I never pulled what I would consider a “bad shot.” I made two capps, the first for the wife which had fantastic texture and the second one for me. The second one had better volume and poured better. Capps are going to take practice.

On the Ecco roast, I will be reporting at the end of the week. It will be six days old tomorrow and I will be pealing it open first thing in the morning – about 05:30. I will make some spro and some capps for the wife and myself and then save the rest for Thursday because I have to go to Grand Rapids, MI.

So, that is the “low down.” Expect details and pics near the end of the week. Also, you may want to head over to Home-Barista.Com at this forum thread for some details.


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