This man is Super Man!

Kevin, from Crema Coffee Roasters “do’in the deal!”


And as you can see that 22k Probat in the back helps Kevin fight the evil of Lex Luther and his evil Mermaid minion! This guy is on the front lines of the 3rd wave, fighting bad coffee and poorly textured milk!


There Regina is, working that bar, do’in ‘dat deal and showing us how it is done on the La Marzocco FB/80.

These folks are my friends and I feel like they are almost like my family. He makes some of the best coffee I have ever tasted right out of that Probat, right here locally (kinda local, about 80 miles for me).


We spent about two hours trying different spro blends last night. Just trying several different things. Experimentation in the coffee world is the coolest part of the hobby/business. It creates a drive to “figure things out.” For about .75 USD per pound more than normal, he can create something that literally takes your breath. He is a master! He is the Roast Master General!


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