Cupping with one of the World’s Best


Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Scott Conary of Carrboro, NC (really, read that link) and The Open Eye Cafe and Carrboro Roasters. We cupped a Ethiopian Harrar, Mexican, Guatemala Antigua, & Columbian Sumatra. Even if I don’t know exactly how I am going to be in the coffee business at this point, one thing is for sure: Scott Conary and Carrboro Roasters will be my roaster. He and his crew are just the best at what they do and their service is fantastic.

What was no surprise was that the Ethiopian Harrar won the title of “best coffee” of the day. But, the surprise (and a real surprise) was that the Columbian came in a distant second with the Guat on it’s tail for third. A COLUMBIAN in 2nd place? I am just not much of a Central and South American fan, but the Guats I have been getting lately are fabulous and the Columbian we cupped yesterday was surprisingly good – kinda like a pepper bomb and some fruit.


The training counter with a new Astoria, a E61 based machine, a LM Linea and another E61 based machine.


The roaster. The good thing about Scott’s crew is that they aren’t roasting for 200 clients and then all of the web orders that come in that day. They are roasting for about 29 or 30 clients and that means attention to detail and attention to you and your needs. All being said, Scott and the crew have a world wide reputation!

A couple of weeks ago, this young lady made me a capp that absolutely blew my mind. It raised the hair on my neck. The texture was just out of this world and their espresso just stood right up in the cup – the way it ought to be.

The bar at the Open Eye Cafe. I love it.

One response to “Cupping with one of the World’s Best

  1. Ummm I could make a better one………I do work at the bucks……short for well you should know………I work in Kernersville if you are ever stoping through!! LOL I only work at night though!!
    I do know my coffee!!

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