Buying a coffee business

Your Comments And Feedback Are Welcomed And Wanted: 

This isn’t exactly what I wanted. But, rarely do you ever get exactly what you want. The building is three years old and in good shape. What I really want is a brick & mortar coffee shop, but you have to start somewhere and I can get this at a great bargin, IMHO. The problem, as I said in another post, is $B moved in about two blocks down and ran their poor quality, poor service rear-ends out of business. On a positive note, while we were there talking five different cars came up all wanting coffee!LOL! One older gentleman told me, “Just letting you know, we miss you guys. Please come back. All I want is my Mocha and $B just can’t do it like you guys did.” (I think you can click on these and blow’em up!)




A Brasilia with E-61 groups. Fairly clean, actually. That Bunn drip system will surely have to be replaced. Just insn’t what I have in mind.


That Jolly and that Semonella (spelling) are in horrific shape. They would fill the doser up and then dose. I know they are made for that ability, but you can’t make quality coffee from a stale grind. It will take about $200 to make that Jolly work cleanly again and that Semonella is in REAL bad shape. My thought was get a Robur or something like that in for the regular and after cleaning and re-burring the Jolly making it the decaf grinder. That Cuisinart is there to grind the flavored coffees for the customer before putting it in the bag (a blade grinder!).

Finally, this is what makes me interested:


This is right behind us at a 45 degree angle. That is a new “kinda upscale” shopping villa with an Ashland Furniture store as the “anchor.” The part you see right there is a “strip” for various shops. The artist rendering of this place is very nice. I could even see having a coffee shop in the strip there and still having the “to-go” business. Directly behind us is another strip, a bit more middle class of a style… In that “Christian Soldier” bookstore there is actually a cafe inside the store (kinda like B&N does with $B, but it is all owned by the book store). That isn’t a problem, they make so little espresso based stuff it just doesn’t matter and the last time I was in there they had an auto SJolly using the tamper on the grinder, and the girl didn’t even know what a portafilter was or a tamper. This town really needs some good espresso…I just hope they will buy it.



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