Much to do today…so little time

I just don’t have time to fit it all in, but it will be a nice try.

  • I am going to Goldsboro today to discuss the potential of buying a small coffee/espresso kiosk…right down the street from $B. This little kiosk has two drive up windows – one on each side – and when they started up the business three years ago, people flung to it like gnats on rotten meat! Lines would form at all times of the day, even odd times like 2 PM! Then the owners, suffering from burn-out, started looking for more employees and the ability to “have a life.” Well, the employees were left with the business and then $B moved in down the street. If there is no choice, bad coffee will survive. But, if there is a choice, bad coffee will die a sudden death. It took 10 months from the opening of $B for them to close up shop. They never saw it coming and they never knew what hit them. There are about five or six, maybe more, things that a business owner can do before $B moves in next door that will seal their success; and there are about five or six things that a business owner can do before and during the time $B moves in next door that will seal their failure. They hit every single rung on the failure ladder! $B can be an equally good thing or bad thing, depending on management.
  • No 2 is more fun. I am going to Scott Conary‘s Carrboro Roaster for a private cupping. Scott was (and is I think) the WBC head judge and a fantastic person. I think I will bring my espressocraft tamper and give it a shot on their Linea!
  • No 3 and probably a tie with the trip to Scott’s for #1 is I am going to Crema Coffee Roasters and meet with Kevin. We are going to develop a nice little espresso blend tonight and it will be my 10 lbs order for Christmas. I won’t take delivery until about the 22nd, but I want it to be about seven days old when I use it.

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