Coffee Roasters Frustrate Me.

I wonder why almost no roasters that I am aware of have their roasting times and ship process times online.  For example, if I want coffee to be fresh and on my doorstep by Friday and I make an order on Friday of the week before most roasters might (or may not do this) just ship me an order on Monday – but they roast on Tuesday.   So, basically I am going to get beans that are almost a week and a half old already.  We all know beans aren’t worth crap past 14 days and some say one week to 10 days after roast.  So, if this is so important, why don’t roasters tell you on their site plainly when you must order to receive the freshest beans.

I have run into this problem today with a small roaster who shall not be named (it isn’t my usual Crema Coffee, so get that out of your mind).  I called his phone line and listened to his message saying to e-mail.  So, I e-mailed and I haven’t received a response yet.  So, I ordered from Counter Culture!  They are as good as anybody in this business, they are just bigger.

Everybody in this business yacks about supporting your local roaster or, in this case, a small roaster (but it is in the midwest), but I can’t support what I can’t see (service).


4 responses to “Coffee Roasters Frustrate Me.

  1. Just surfed on in .. can I ask .. what are your thoughts on Piazza D’Oro coffee?

  2. Never heard of them, just went to their site. I can’t really say.

  3. So much for our company being world wide then hey! .. hahaha

  4. But….I have now! roflol

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