HAS my business from here out!

I made a (from what I consider) sizeable order on Saturday with and almost immediately there were things I didn’t like about it.  Like the fact that I wanted a EspressoCraft Tamper instead of a ProTamp; which was fine, but after putting a polish on the base I was up to only a $10 difference for what I really wanted.  And I needed to add to that a “Blind Portafilter Disk” so I could efficiently clean my machine after use.  So, I only went over my budget by $10 or so, total.

So, in any case, I e-mail them on Saturday after I made the order that I regret and even call into their voice mail system and leave a message for Monday, just hoping to either cancel or adjust up my order.  After hundreds of online orders with very reputable companies and dozens going badly wrong, I don’t leave anything to chance.

Today, me being the caution freak I am, I call again at 0900 PST (1200 EST).  The guy on the phone actually cared!  Yes, actually cared about my order.  I was just overwhelmed at how easy it was and how I had so badly over worried.   Then, about an hour ago, a lady called me from and she was following up my e-mail and voice mail.  I told her everything was fine and we were on the way to a great relationship – whether or not I finally open a shop or not.


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