Christmas Espresso Order 10 lbs!

I am only using one of the machines, of course.  I still need to plumb it in and get the electricity going (220v) to the machine.  All that is going to be done by the end of the week.  I just made my holiday coffee order with Crema Coffee Roasters on the phone.  10 lbs of a special espresso he has been working on behind the scenes.  It is allot like Espresso Toscano to me, real nice and buttery.  Also, two lbs of something nice for the family that doesn’t really want espresso, but wants some coffee: Ethiopian Yirg, medium roast.

I won’t use 10 lbs at my gathering, as there isn’t that many people there that is espresso, capp and latte nuts; but there will be plenty served.  There will be about 20 family members and only about 10 adults.  But, I need some time leading up to the 24th to learn the machine and the espresso in my machine.  And on the 25th many of my family members will be back in the house to see what the kids received for Christmas that morning.  So, the “training” and the ten or so the night before and then five or six the big day is enough to warrant 10 lbs I think.

I just wish I had a real nice grinder like a Mazzer Mini or a Mazzer Super Jolly.   My Kitchen Aid Pro Line Grinder sucks for this particular job.  No doser and it is just not a volume grinder.   But, I will use it for the time being.


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