Espresso is “nickel and diming me”…already.

Besides all the gas/diesel money I have spent traveling to espresso bars along the eastern seaboard of the USA this hobby and soon-be profession of mine is taking a toll on my wallet.

I have the machines home now and that is a big expense in and of itself. But, now comes the real nickel and diming. My Dad was over this afternoon checking my house’s wiring for the 220v installation that he graciously is going to help me out with the labor. He is also going to plumb it strait in for the water. Sheepishly, I am going to run the machine without water filtration for about two weeks. I don’t really want to do that, but how bad can it get hurt in two weeks. The water filter is going to run probably 50 to 100 USD and all this is quickly mounting up.

I just went to and spent $125 on “stuff” from a tamper (Pro Tamp 58mm with polished base [$59.50]) to a Nuova Point Cafe Demitasse Espresso Cups & Spoons Set (34.00) and some cleaning brushes, and standard heavy shot glasse, and cleaning solution.

On the tamper, I really wanted a EspressoCraft which was only 10 more bucks, but I had a budget that I had to stick too.  In any case, I think Tampers will become one of those things that I will have a collection of at one point.  And who knows, the Pro Tamp, even though it is an entry tamper, may be something I just stick with for whatever reason.

Who knows, but it is all tamping away at the wallet!


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