Spro machinery! Finally, got my machines.

I was finally able to visit Shannon’s home where his gracious wife invited me in for breakfast with them and their two sons. What a fantastic family and a great breakfast. They knew I was walking up at 7 A.M hungry as a bear. After breakfast we had a nice Ethiopian via Fpress. We then proceeded loading the two machines and all, and I do mean all, of the stuff that goes with them.

I must admit, I was overwhelmed by all of the parts. I am very glad I didn’t take my GMC Yukon XL down to pick the machines up, I think it would have been a waste of time and about $100 of gas, because I don’t believe it would have all fit in the car. So, I put them in my Great Dane 53′ refrigerated trailer, tied’em down using duct tape to a pallet for the old unit and Shannon still had the shipping crate for the newer machine. They didn’t budge for the whole 400 mile trip and 5.5 of driving. My neighbor helped me offload them into the house and as of right now I have the new machine on the kitchen island counter with the panels assembled.

Now I have to wire it, plumb it in, get a tamper 🙂


2 responses to “Spro machinery! Finally, got my machines.

  1. Wow! I loaded my S87 into the front seat of my little BMW. It was a tight fit though.

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