Her complaint was as follows: “All I can taste is the coffee!”

I have been studying a couple “contemporary issues” in the retail coffee business. One is cup sizes: is it really necessary to have 16oz and 20oz cups if all is happening is the coffee is being covered up? Two: Syrups – Is it really necessary to cover up the taste of your hand selected espresso with that garbage?

I have listened to a couple different podcasts and heard opinions from shop owners and read on coffeed.com about all of this, but today I was in Greenville, SC at Shannon Hudgens shop Coffeeandcrema.com and a customer comes up and orders a latte with a syrup. I didn’t think anything about it, that is normal right? She walks away and then about two minutes later comes back with a complaint: “All I can taste is coffee. Can I have more syrup?” Shannon quickly oblidges and she sips and says, “Nope, I still can’t taste anything but the coffee in this latte.”

I almost fell right off of that bar stool! It was all I could do to contain myself. This lady taught me a whole bunch today. I won’t say what she taught me, but she sure did take me to school!


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